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Thinking about finally giving up on your old pen and want to make sure you get the absolute best of the best? Then you are in the right place. If you’re going to stand out, you need to make sure your pen gives you a sense of luxury. So today, we’ll be taking a peek at some of the most expensive pen options.

Pens have long been viewed as a sign of professionalism. These are often gifted on special occasions. Most men typically carry one or have that special pen somewhere in their office to showcase a certain status. You can expect the most expensive pen to be made from rare materials in a limited edition; you also have those with sentimental or historical value.

If you are the type that values high quality, then you probably put your eyes on the most expensive items. So if you have your eyes set on selecting the absolute best, here you’ll find just that. Though you may not be able to afford some of these pens, you’ll get an idea of what a high-quality pen is like. Keep reading and get to know the most expensive pen.

Most Expensive Pen FAQs

Why buy a pen?

In the age of digital technology, where most writing is done on laptops, tablets, and phone screens, the pen still stands tall as a writing instrument without equal. There is something very personal about a handwritten note that no writing app can replicate.

What is the highest price of a pen?

The most expensive pen is this exclusive pen with a jaw-dropping price tag of $1,470 million. This unique piece contains over 30 carats of diamonds on a solid platinum barrel. It features an 18K gold nib and can be personalized with a coat of arms, signature, or portrait.

What is an expensive pen brand?

With us, the luxury brands you’ll find include Montblanc, Yard-O-Led, Kingsley, Sheaffer, Lamy, and Waterman. From fountain pens to pencils, rollerballs to limited edition pieces, we have a wealth of beautiful writing instruments for you to explore.

Why is Mont Blanc expensive?

What makes Montblanc pens so expensive? Montblanc pens are expensive because they are considered a status symbol. They are high-quality pens made from the finest materials with top craftsmanship.

Is Parker a luxury pen?

The Parker Pen Company is an American manufacturer of luxury pens founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker.

Does Gucci make pens?

Gucci Pens made in Italy are stamped with the Gucci trademark. Since the brand didn’t assign names to their various collections, a few of their fountain pens include A black resin pen with an 18-carat gold cap engraved twice with “Gucci.”

How much does a Gucci pen cost?

Dupont has managed to build entire brands off selling top-tier pens, and the global luxury pen market was reportedly on track to hit USD 2.8 billion by the end of 2021. Gucci’s pen retails at a whopping £445 ($593) and also arrives in a patterned version in silver and gold options, retailing at £660 ($879).

Most Expensive Pen

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen -$2,000

In honor of the foundation date of the Faber-Castell company in 1761, this exclusive edition is limited to 1,761 pieces per writing instrument.

The edition is engraved on the clip ring of fountain pens, rollerball pens, propelling pencils, and ballpoint pens.

The nib is 18-carat gold, and the barrel is aromatic sandalwood. The pen is sold with a wooden case, a brochure for the lucky recipient, and a tidy $2k price tag.

Most expensive pen: graf von faber-castell pen -$2,000Pin


  • Barrel made from reddish-brown veined snakewood
  • Break-resistant 0,7mm leads of hardness B
  • Reservoir for spare leads

Titanic-DNA Fountain Pens by Romain Jerome -$5,000

The Titanic DNA Fountain Pen. Romain Jerome makes it, and it’s worth a total of $5,000. Jerome is the creator of the DNA series of luxury watches.

This pen was created as a tribute to the Titanic ship. Each pen comes with a ring o steel at the barrel.
One of the best features of this elegant pen is that it comes with metal being a blend of materials that comes from the actual Titanic ship.

Most expensive pen: titanic-dna fountain pens by romain jerome -$5,000Pin


  • 18k gold
  • Palladium, Stainless Steel, Brass

OMAS Limited Edition Pens $16,500

Since 1925 handcrafted in the Bologna workshop, an OMAS fountain pen is the result of a multitude of delicate operations that contribute to creating a unique and unrepeatable product.

During the 1930s, this pen had colorful celluloid as the material of choice for pens. Some of these pens you collect as vintage from other decades. After World War II, these spends were released, making this pen a historical symbol.

Each OMAS writing instrument is produced with natural materials such as cotton resin, celluloid, wood, titanium, gold, and silver. These materials are scarce and difficult to work with, but they can guarantee unique and exclusive products and the fantastic pleasure of writing.

Most expensive pen: omas limited edition pens $16,500Pin


  • Cotton resin
  • Wood, Titanium
  • Gold and Silver

The Caran d’Ache “1010″ Fountain Pen -$19,000

The inspiration for the name is simple: 10 minutes after 10 o’clock. This pen has the works. It is crafted from rhodium-plated silver and features a clip that resembles a wristwatch.

This limited edition model honors the world-renowned Swiss watch-making industry.

The pen also features ticking, turning replicas of watch gears on the barrel, studded with rubies and sapphires.

Most expensive pen: the caran d’ache “1010″ fountain pen -$19,000Pin


  • Limited-edition
  • Rhodium-plated silver
  • Rubies and sapphires

Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Fountain and Rollerball Pens -$24,000

A remarkable fact about the Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Fountain and Rollerball Pens is that it’s not created equally like the others.

It features handmade hybrid Carbon Fiber and Blue Luminescent Glas Fiber composite over Stainless Steel and Titanium with luminescent cap band engraving. Fountain pen with a Titanium nib.

This pen comes with a silver-tone case with blue accents, and it can also give a 3D effect.

Most expensive pen: grayson tighe limited edition fountain and rollerball pens -$24,000Pin


  • Carbon Fiber
  • Titanium Nib
  • 3D Effect

Montblanc Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81 Pen -$256,000

Montblanc is one of the most well-known German manufacturers. They create accessories such as timepieces and leatherwork.

After Prince Rainier of Monaco’s passing, they released a limited edition of the 81 pens. The pen comes with 8 carats worth of diamonds and rubies.

The body of the pen has 18k white gold, and the pen’s nib is yellow gold as well.

Most expensive pen: montblanc prince rainier iii limited edition 81 pen -$256,000Pin


  • Limited-Edition
  • 8 carats worth of diamonds and rubies

Caran d’Ache Gothica Pen -$406,450

This pen is named after the Russian word for a pencil; the company is based in Switzerland. It comes with rosettes and with 72 rubies and 72 emeralds.

It has more than 900 diamonds encrusted in the cap, which gives it a more luxurious feeling.

Most expensive pen: caran d’ache gothica pen -$406,450Pin


  • Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds

Certainly, a pen is an amazing gift indeed; other great gifts are cowboy boots or a drone.


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