Tomahawk is an advanced music player that allows you to play your favorite music like other free and comercial software, but what makes Tomahawk stand up, is The ability to share playlists and listen to the same tracks simultaneously across different subscription services.

With Tomahawk you´ll be able to share with your friends your entire playlists or just let them listen your songs and of course they also will be able to do the same, an amazing feature if you ask me, because let’s be honest,  this practically change the way of sharing and even listen music.

Tomahawk also lets you plug-in multiple content sources, you can use subscription services, networked libraries, online data lockers, video services, etc.



  • Multi-Source: Stop chasing your music across different machines, services and websites. No matter where your content is, Tomahawk can find it and play it.
  • Focused:Think of it as “antiTunes”. It’s a music player that is optimized for one thing… to play, discover and share music.
  • Social:Connect to your other machines and friends via Jabber, Google Chat and Twitter. Browse and play their libraries, playlists and stations.
  • Cross Platform:A Mac connected to Windows machine connected to a Linux machine? Sure… no problem. Betas are now available for OS X, Windows & Linux.
  • Custom Stations:Yeah, it’s like a “genius” playlist… only smarter, and continuous. Whatever you are in the mood for, we’ve got the knobs and dials to find it for you.
  • Extensible:Check out the Tomahawk ecosystem that already exists, pretty cool, eh? And we are just getting started. How about you join us?
  • Playlist Importer:Metadata from playlists from all over the web – and other media players – can easily be imported into Tomahawk.
  • Open-Source:Tomahawk is totally Free & Open-Source Software.


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