SynWrite is a free and open source Code Editor, which helps you to modify Source codes from programs with support for almost all encodings like Syntax, Code Folding, tree structure, etc.

You can also create new documents and this powerful Code Editor, and I have to say that is really easy to use, will help you with all the features you need as a programmer like Frameworks, Panels, Data Bases, etc. Being open source software provides you with a great variety of plugins and external tools making it very customizable.

Bottom line, this advance text editor is an alternative to the Microsoft Notepad, and also offers you the features of a powerful Source Code Editor and all that for free.


  • Syntax highlighting for lots of languages
  • Fully customizable highlightings
  • Code folding
  • Support for almost all encodings
  • Panels:
    • Tree structure view for source code
    • Project management
    • Document mini-map
    • Clipboard history
    • Tools output
    • Search results
  • Coding helpers:
    • Auto-completion
    • Auto-closing of tags/brackets
    • Code templates
    • SmartTagTabbing feature
    • SyncEditing feature to edit identical identifiers
    • Zen Coding support (HTML + CSS + XSL high speed coding engine)
    • Color preview + Color picker
    • Inserting of image tag
  • Search, replace with regular expressions
  • Search, replace in multiple files
  • External tools support (capture of console output, errors navigation)
  • Strings extraction feature
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Bookmarks
  • Keyboard macros
  • Spell checking
  • File sessions
  • Plugin for file manager “Total Commander”
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Integrated HTML Tidy library
  • Export to RTF/HTML with syntax highlighting
  • Portable mode

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