Portofino is an open source web framework, its purpose is to help developers create outstanding enterprise applications, It gives immediate results (using the wizard you can create a webapp in 30 seconds) and allows developers to stay productive at all stages in a project. It is also packed with features for common enterprise requirements that end users will love. Portofino’s architecture is well layered, flexible, secure and simple to understand.

Portofino offers the framework and the components to create interactive web applications, with the “application wizard” you can connect to an existing database and let the system create a set of pages,forms, and calendars for you to access your data. You can also customize and improve your application with a vast range of features that are available out of the box.

Thinking about creating Websites? Well, pages are organized in a hierarchical tree, so you can add, delete, move or copy pages anywhere in the tree. Pages can contain a single content or many contents visually arranged on the page. Contents can be static or dynamic. You can make your website look good and be functional at the same time.


  • Creation of a complete web application starting from an existing database, automatically using the wizard
  • Powerful, multi-level CRUD pages
  • CMS features to create pages of various types, including rich text (html), chart and calendar
  • Broad possibility for page customization using Groovy, which allows on-the-fly changes that are immediately visible without long redeploys
  • Native support for incremental management of the database schema using Liquibase
  • Use of well-known and well-tested technologies such as Hibernate, Stripes, EhCache, Quartz, etc.
  • Native permission handling with Apache Shiro and user management that can be easily integrated with any SQL, LDAP/Active Directory, OpenID, data source


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Twitter: @manydesigns

Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/manydesigns-portofino



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