Banshee is a free and open source Music and Video Player with a friendly and intuitive interface, although a lot like iTunes if you ask me, but even so, this is a great option with many useful features that will make you forget about it.

With Banshee you can play Online Radio, buy music, store and organize your music files you can also sync a great variety of devices such as the popular apple and Android smartphones.

Another great feature is the Automatic Cover Art; it seeks on the web from a huge variety of sources for album covers or images for your music files.

And something I consider very important is that Banshee being  an open source makes the software extensible and customizable, an advantage for those who “want it their way”.


  • Audioscrobbler: Adds the capability of reporting played songs to a user’s playlist, and play radio stations (user’s library, tags, similar to, etc.).
  • DAAP music sharing: Allows sharing of music libraries with iTunes and other DAAP-compatible music software. The current version of Banshee is only partially compatible with iTunes 7, allowing iTunes to open a Banshee library, but not vice-versa.
  • IPod manager: Allows the transferring of songs, videos, and album art to and from the device.
  • Metadata searcher using Musicbrainz: Automatically retrieves missing and supplementary metadata for library items, including album art.
  • Music Recommendations using Recommends music based on the currently playing song.
  • Mini-Mode plugin: Provides a small window with minimal playback controls and song information.
  • Multimedia keys support in GNOME: Banshee can be controlled via multimedia keys as configured through GNOME.
  • Notification Area Icon: Adds an icon to the notification area in GNOME.
  • Podcasting: Enables Banshee to subscribe to podcast feeds, which are updated on a regular basis.
  • Radio: Provides support for streaming Internet radio stations.

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