LanShark is a File sharing tool that helps you to share your files into your Local Network, if you ever want to exchange the files on your laptop with your desktop computer and vice versa with USB flash, Extractable HDD and all that, well, this is the software you need.

LanShark is very easy to use, you can choose if you want to install it or not, and when you got it on your network you just have to choose between a web interface and a desktop one to connect to your Computer(s) specifying the connection Port.

This tool automatically seeks for other LanShark users on your same local network making it easy for all of us. It also has a fast search function that allows you to search through all the shares in the whole network.

As you can see, this File Sharing tool is a good alternative is free and easy to use.


  • Free software (GPL)
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Fast searching
  • Cross platform
  • Rich user interface (GTK)
  • Integrated webserver
  • Additional web interface
  • Automatic Peer Detection
  • No installation Required

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